Worst things to say in an interview

Worst things to say in an interview

The interview process can be a daunting process. If you let the atmosphere get to you then you could really blow a good job opportunity.

Saying the wrong thing could turn the interviewer off, put them on cruise control for the rest of the interview and lose you that most important job offer.

It is a good idea to be prepared for your interview. Arm yourself with what to say and, equally as important, what not to say. It is essential that you avoid these statements during a job interview.

I do not have any questions
You want to sound engaged and interested in the job and the company you are applying to. When it is your turn at the plate and the interviewer asks you if you have any questions for him do not respond apathetically.

You should have a well though series of question to as the interview about the role, company, progression aspects etc. Always appear engaged.

I need these days and times off
You really do not want to be asking for time off at your first interview. Instead, you should focus on you time working for the new employer. When you mention that you want time off right away this will appear as a red flag in the interviews mind.You want to show dedication to the role and not appear lazy.

I don’t know much about the company or position
You should be fully prepared to go that interview knowing about the company, what is does and and the position you are interviewing for. When candidates don’t know this basic information. Avoid passive and apathetic statements.

I did not like my previous boss
Highlighting past conflict forces the interviewer to focus on the negative. He will ask himself questions such as, “Does this person invite conflict?” or, “Is this person hard to work with?” If the interviewer is focusing on the negative then he will cast you in a negative light. Instead, focus on the positive. Highlight how working with your last boss taught you how to be a better co-worker.

When would my salary be reviewed
Upward mobility is important to all of us in the job setting, but you don’t want to appear entitled to a raise. You do not want to give off the idea that you are working solely for yourself. Instead, you could ask about the mobility of the position or ask why the position is open in the first place.

You may hear that the position is vacant because the person who held it last was promoted and that you can expect the same in due time. There are other, more beneficial ways of asking when you’ll get that pay bump.

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